Episode 1 – Adrienne Roberson, PA Announcer for the Bowie Baysox

Last season, Adrienne Roberson was one of two female public address announcers in affiliated baseball and the only one in the minors. 2018 will mark her fourteenth season manning the microphone for the Baysox.

When I thought about starting this podcast to highlight people and stories in the Eastern League, Adrienne was at the top of my wish list so I’m happy she could join me. So happy in fact I made her the debut episode.

We talked about her career path, her preparation for a game, the opportunities she’s had over the last several years to be the PA announcer for some Baltimore Orioles games, and her place in the male-dominated world of baseball.

So sit back and I hope you enjoy the first episode of the Minor Conversations Podcast with my guest Adrienne Roberson.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Adrienne Roberson, PA Announcer for the Bowie Baysox

  1. This is my girl. Only a very intelligent, and in-tuned, podcaster knows to put Adrienne first at bat.


  2. I worked as a minor league broadcaster for a dozen years. Adrienne is hands down the best baseball PA announcer in the business!!


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